Help us build a statue
honouring Harriet Tubman

The Statue

Harriet Tubman's name is synonymous with freedom. She believed in the dignity and worth of all people. As the only school in Niagara named after her enduring legacy, we want to honour the lofty ideals that Harriet championed through her lifetime.

To do this, the DSBN has commissioned a life-sized statue of Harriet Tubman from (former Niagara artists) Frank Rekrut and Laura Thompson who live in Florence, Italy, and we're asking for your help to bring Harriet home. Your donation will help students understand the importance of her contributions and celebrate Harriet's life.

The life-sized bronze statue features a seated Harriet Tubman with a book in her lap. Harriet Tubman was illiterate, but it has been suggested that she pretended to read to avoid capture while helping slaves escape on her Underground Railroad. When the sculpture is completed, the book in her lap will be titled, "The Story of Harriet Tubman".

The Artists


Laura Thompson

b. 1968 Toronto, Canada

Frank Rekrut  and Laura  Thompson began their careers in the beautiful Niagara region of Ontario.  In 2010 they moved to Florence, Italy where they now have a studio in the historic center of Florence where Frank's great grandfather and great uncle were both sculptors.  Life in Florence, Italy provides constant inspiration through the people, the architecture, the art and the history and also allows for interaction with other artists and artisans who value the traditional approaches to their craft. Frank and Laura are both alumni of The Florence Academy of Art and it is the academic training from life in the traditional methods and techniques which has provided a solid foundation for the development of theirworks. Most interested in exploring the human figure, Frank combines his own aesthetic with his strong academic training, the result of which is an interesting balance in a diverse variety of subjects and themes with a strong emphasis on figurative work. Laura enjoys painting all subjects in a diversity of styles with her main focus of interest being figurative original works and portraiture. Frank and Laura have both exhibited at The Robert F Kennedy Center for Human Rights for their interest in seed sovereignty.

Frank has had the honor of having his portrait bust of Harriet Tubman at the National Historic site for the Underground Railroad in Ontario, Canada, as well as having a sculpture in the permanent collection of the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain -MEAM. Their works may be found in both public and private collections throughout Canada, USA, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Frank Rekrut

b.1959 Winnipeg, Canada



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